This stage spans all the way from the genesis of the project idea, to applying for grants and/or carrying out feasibility studies.


Planning Risk Assessment

For most community-scale energy projects, a planning application will have to be made before construction or installation can be legally carried out. In the UK, there are a variety of factors that influence the likelihood of planning success, for a given location and technology. We can carry out a rapid assessment process that will offer your community a robust estimate of the planning risk attached to your proposed project. 


Feasibility Grant Application Assistance

There are a variety of loan and grant funds which are available to help groups to get started on their projects. We have an intimate knowledge of the options available and how to access them. A point in the right direction, or an introduction is all that it takes to get going – get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you get going.


Financial Scenario Analysis

A Scenario Analysis is a projection which considers differing project pathways and answers question ‘If this, then what?', producing a series of possible outcomes. If you have a project idea and require a financial analysis that is sensitive to the highly uncertain position that you are in, then a scenario analysis is likely to be useful.


Opportunity Mapping

Our opportunity mapping service is for communities that have an energy project plan or concept, but don’t have an appropriate site or location for the project. We will carry out a localised, bespoke survey of the region surrounding your community, and identify opportunities for land and building access in the private, public and third sectors.