Being granted planning permission is a major achievement, but a great deal of work is still left to be done at this stage. Securing finance, signing agreements, and planning for the future revenue and maintaining relationships with other stakeholders

Project Management

If your community has secured planning permission, and has some or all of the funds to proceed with installation, then our dedicated project management service could be highly beneficial. By staying on top of cost control, cashflow, contractual arrangements with 3rd parties, and any post-planning environmental obligations, we will give your project the best chance of completion on schedule and within budget.

Community Revenue Planning

Should you be in the fortunate position that your project is at advanced stage then planning to deal with project revenue becomes a real consideration. Our revenue planning service is designed as a consultative approach to understanding how the project is set to impact community goals and aspirations, and/or ties in with pre-existing community development plans. Revenue planning benefits from a robust financial plan, such as those offered through our Scenario Analysis service.



Sourcing finance for a project is a difficult and time consuming journey, and getting to know the funding landscape from scratch can be frustrating. In our financing service has two elements: (1) Funder readiness - Packaging up your project for potential funders by creating an investor memorandum with a sensitivity analysis, showing project risks. This allows potential funders to analyse your project quickly and to qualify the risks. (2) Sourcing funds - Using our network to gauge the interest of funds, banks and other organisations that participate all stages of the funding cycle, from bridge finance to construction and long-term funding.