Research Solutions 2016

We offer research solutions in community energy and energy access, to help understand and facilitate inclusive renewable energy development

Our team brings a rich blend of skills and experience to the table, covering econometric, geospatial and sociological analysis. We have collaborated on research projects in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, India, Germany, The Netherlands, Chile & Cameroon and have published widely.

Past and present research themes include:

  • Risk assessment for community renewable energy
  • Business models and financial vehicles facilitating community ownership 
  • International comparative studies on community energy
  • Socio-economic impacts of community energy
  • Self-sustaining technology systems in less developed regions
  • ICT for effective off-grid energy markets
  • Financing energy access

We hold an extensive database on community energy that it has readily made available to researchers in the past, in exchange for additional data collection or in the context of a bilateral research collaboration. We also welcome PhD students and high calibre MSc students looking for work experience, data or research opportunities.