Vijay Bhopal


Vijay is a co-founder of Scene - he is a specialist in renewable energy development, community-commercial joint ventures and ICT for development. He has led much of Scene’s consulting and ICT work and has a broad knowledge of renewable energy technologies, especially wind, solar and hydroelectric. 

Vijay loves social enterprise and believes that, at times, business can be a force for good. He is an adept project manager as has managed many small-to-medium, and several large (> £1m) social enterprise projects over the past 6 years. Recent highlights include leading on Scene's involvement in several Innovate UK funded projects on the themes of off-grid energy and ICT, based in Chile, India and Tanzania. Work is now ongoing to commercialise these project outputs.

Vijay won Scottish Renewables' Entrepreneur award in the inaugural Young Professionals Green Energy Awards and works with Practical Action on in their seminal energy access series, the Poor People's Energy Outlook.

Jelte Harnmeijer


Jelte has a dozen years experience working in both the developed and developing world as a researcher and program manager, and co-founded Scene in 2011. He obtained his doctoral degree at the University of Washington through a NASA grant, and continues to contribute to carbon cycling and climate research. Jelte is also interested in the consequences of fuel poverty and climate change on economic and agricultural systems, and has offered courses, workshops and seminars on sustainable economics at universities and community fora.

Jelte contributes to a range of government advisory groups, including for the Scottish and UK governments.  He is particularly skilled in energy economics and econometric analysis, and is an independent professional advisor, which he puts to good use in Scene’s activities. Jelte has led much of the research that Scene has completed over the past five years.

Alex Schlicke


Alex is a landscape architect and planner with extensive experience of renewable energy developments from initial feasibility appraisals to securing planning consents and implementation.  He has worked  across the spectrum of renewable energy typologies, including wind, hydro, biomasss, AD, and more, and can advise on selecting the appropriate technology to suit the location and end use. He has worked on all scales of development, from small scale community projects to national projects. So far in his career, Alex has helped secure consent for over 100 MegaWatts of generating capacity, with more in the planning system and at pre-planning.He is expert in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments, and project managing Environmental Impact Assessments and planning applications.

He understands the planning, environmental and design processes of development and is able to communicate this understanding clearly to clients, consultants, statutory authorities and the public. Since 2014 Alex has spearheaded Scene's work in local energy systems.


Sandy Robinson

Project Manager

Joining Scene in 2014, Sandy has worked throughout the company’s operations. He has experience providing technical and outreach support to Scene’s domestic renewables work, as well as having project managed multiple research projects – mostly recently the "Community Energy State of the Sector for England, Wales and Northern Ireland". Sandy project manages Scene’s online community energy mapping platform - Energy Archipelago, and provides support to Scene's technical teams in the UK and India. Sandy has experience coordinating community renewables projects and has worked throughout Scene's international work in off-grid renewable energy.

Sandy has a background in climate change, specialising specifically in community-led, participatory approaches to both mitigation and adaptation. With an MSc in Climate Change & International Development from the University of East Anglia, he conducted research on topics such as public perceptions of climate risk and the role of NGOs in adaptation planning.



Valia nikolakopoulou

Design & Graphics Technician

Valia joined Scene to provide technical support on both sustainable energy projects and throughout web-based applications and design. She works on technical aspects of the projects, including cost analysis, 2D and 3D designs, Geographic Information Systems, feasibility support, and preparation of planning applications. Further to this, she provides expertise in design and data visualisation on Scene’s ICT projects.  

Valia is an Architect engineer graduated from School of Architecture of NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) and holds an Msc in Design and Digital Media from Edinburgh University.  Interested in environmental and energy issues, she has a good understanding of sustainable urban planning and buildings design. She has experience both as an engineer and a graphic designer, with a variety of projects in both sectors.    

Joel Chaney

Technical Design Manager


Joel is a Co-Founder, Director and Trustee of CREATIVenergie, a charitable company seeking to unlock sustainable energy for life, by working in partnership to equip rural communities to access clean renewable energy. He has joined Scene’s R&D team to help develop a new smart off-grid solar monitoring and control system.

Before joining the team at Scene, Joel worked as a Research Associate at Heriot Watt University developing smart demand response technologies for improved management of community renewable energy. Prior to this he worked as a Researcher at the University of Nottingham on a UK-India collaboration on biogas and gasification technologies.

Joel is experienced at experimental design, developing and testing new technologies, machine learning, data mining and facilitating participatory design workshops. He loves innovation, simplifying and redesigning existing technologies and approaches to solving complex social problems. He is passionate about applying the internet of things for social good. 

Jordan Silverman

Technical Designer

Jordan has been working in Scene’s R&D team for 2 years after completing an MSc in Practising Sustainable Development with a specialisation in ICT4D. He has experience developing online, mobile communities across Sub-Saharan Africa addressing social taboos. His master’s research led him to explore the potential use of smart-phone management systems in the small-scale fishing industry in the Caribbean, linking with a research team from the University of West Indies. Having completed a BSc in Environmental and Geographical Science at the University of Cape Town, Jordan has an understanding of environmental challenges in a developing world context.

Recently, Jordan has taken a development role building IoT systems for energy access in rural communities and has built an understanding of the technical challenges involved in using open-source hardware. He has a unique combination of social research skills and hardware development experience.


David Jones



David is a graduate with experience in both academic and professional energy and carbon reduction feasibility. He holds an MSc in Carbon Management and an MA (Hons) in Psychology from Edinburgh University. David has a strong interest in climate change and energy issues. In particular, the development of solutions to tackle these problems, whether it is high tech innovation or simply the incorporation of more trees on our streets and buildings.

David has previously conducted research on topics such as climate change communication, trying to understand the most effective ways to engage individuals to undertake behavioural change. At Scene, David acts as a consultant on several energy related research projects, whilst providing support across our consultancy work.



Abhi Bhargava

International Projects Consultant

Abhi is an economist that has a keen interest in Energy Economics and the impact of transitioning to more decentralised and digitalised energy systems. Abhi holds a MA (Hons) in Economics and Politics and has had previous work experience in finance, advertising and consulting sectors. He worked with Scene in the summer of 2015 on the Urjaa Samadhan project and helped set up the pilot program based in Odisha, India in November 2015. After a brief stint in a management consultancy post-graduation he is back with Scene with a focus on international projects and ICT solutions for the developing world.

Abhi has been selected as a young entrepreneur by a company in Norway and is working on the side with an international team to create a start-up that focuses on clean energy innovations for cities. This project directly compliments his work with Scene. He speaks English, Hindi and Spanish and is currently learning Python to try to develop his proficiency on the tech side.

Cameron Anson

Community Development Officer


Cameron is based on the Isle of Mull. He has spent the last few years as a Director for South West Mull and Iona Development, the area's Development Trust. He currently leads their project looking in to the cultivation of native seaweed and its potential uses.

Cameron joined Scene in 2017 as Community Development Officer. He is working on the island of Iona where he is helping to facilitate residents and visitors to engage with the island's renewable energy and carbon emissions reduction project. Cameron's role also involves assisting in the design and delivery of the data collection model for the project and the monitoring of its progress

Ryan Gilmour

Research Assistant

Ryan is an Electrical Engineering masters student with an interest in technical development of renewables. He has previous research experience at the National University of Singapore developing algorithms for optimal siting of distributed generation. During his studies at Edinburgh University he has become president of a society promoting engineering in a social and sustainability context and spends time helping manage 4 local and international projects.

Ryan is writing his masters thesis project at Scene based on Peer 2 Peer (P2P) energy trading, including the theory and practice of deploying blockchain monitoring and payment technologies in local energy systems. Ryan's work will focus particularly on the the technical and social-economic aspects of blockchain technologies and the benefits and barriers to its use within the energy industry.


Rembrandt Koppelaar

Technical Manager

Rembrandt is an economist and energy researcher who recently completed a PhD in Energy Systems Modelling at Imperial College London. His research focused on the accuracy of using models for policy decisions. Since 2018 he is a technical manager at Scene working on projects to develop decision support systems for renewable energy planning and operational monitoring and maintenance support.  He is tasked with energy model design and software development. 

Before joining Scene he worked as a researcher at the Institute for Integrated Economic Research (IIER), where from 2012 to 2017 he worked on modelling of resource flows in city-regions (urban metabolism), energy technology analysis, and supply chain resource efficiency.  During his research career he has published two books and a dozen academic and industry articles on solar and wind energy, the future of phosphorus, copper mining, and electricity systems. His latest book ‘The Tesla Revolution  (Amsterdam University Press 2017) sold 10,000 copies and was published in English, Dutch and Chinese.  Prior to his PhD at Imperial College Rembrandt obtained an MSc degree in Development Economics from Wageningen University, the Netherlands.