ZUoS Consortium Set for Perth Smart Energy Network Trial

Scene is delighted to be selected to develop an operational pilot for the Perth Smart Energy Network challenge. Having competed with four other teams in Phase 1 of the challenge, the team led by Scene moves into Phase 2 against a consortium led by StorTera, in an all Edinburgh showdown.

The challenge requires that teams develop innovate ways to generate renewable energy and trade or transfer that energy to a different council site for storage and use. Working alongside Perth and Kinross Council and we will develop and pilot a smart energy management platform for two of its buildings, and install new solar PV panels and smart IoT devices at a local primary school.

The energy platform will use Scene’s ZUoS platform, allowing the Council to optimise energy use within participating buildings and ‘trade’ energy across unconnected sites to reduce energy costs through the smart control of IoT enabled demand and generation assets. 


Scene will continue to work alongside renewable energy consultancy and developer Locogen, energy storage consultancy Swanbarton and energy market specialists Mentone Energy, who helped to deliver Phase One of the project. This involved designing the system that will now be trialled.

The 18-month Phase Two project will begin in January 2020 and will see 30kW of PV installed at council premises, providing annual carbon savings of more than 6.5 tonnes CO2e. Solar generation allows the smart energy network to be trialled, assessing the impact of energy trading between Council sites in terms of CO2 reduction, reduced costs, future revenue streams for Council assets and community benefit.

The pilot aims to set a precedent for local authority led smart energy networks and allow the ZUoS concept to act as a pathfinder for future work across estates, university campuses and crucially, to extend to domestic consumers.


-Ryan Gilmour